Sapiens.BI - New Look and Feel of the Analytic Reporting Tool


We are excited to announce our new product brand name and image: the Analytic Reporting Tool by IT Sapiens will now be know as Sapiens.BI

With this change, our intension is to more accurately display our BI solution and what we offer as a team.

It is the IT Sapiens solution for Homo Sapiens - providing a powerful user-friendly tool for business analysis to support you in reaching your business growth in an efficient and easy way.

Our friendly team is always happy to help and support our customers. We aim to be easy to reach, always open and trusted by our customers.


To bring data-driven growth to every business in the world


We continuously keep improving ourselves, our services and solutions in order to provide you with a true Business Intelligence superpower.

Here is a video overview of Sapiens.BI:

Please be aware that the upcoming versions of Analytic Reporting will now be found under CRM menu titled Sapiens.BI where previously it was called Analytic Reporting.

We love Sapiens.BI. It is instrumental in helping our sales team increase their productivity by providing us custom, real-time key performance metrics and making these stats easily visible. Sapiens.BI provides excellent technical support and always go above and beyond to answer any questions we have.

The system has been ‘live’ for one month now and we are already benefitting from the features of Sapiens.BI both for day-to-day management information and, in particular, for the detailed statistical analysis of our services that is required by the organizations that provide financial support for the charity. Based on our experience of the product and your excellent customer service, we would have no hesitation in recommending Sapiens.BI to potential users.

Comprehensive tool that allows all types of advanced reports including audit tables, custom fields and combined reports. The developers offer fast and efficient support. Great tool!

Great support & implementation from the team. Graphs look beautiful!

Excellent work, communications and skills from developers; I appreciate all effort, commitment and work.

Your report generator ROCKS! Wish I had found it before investing in some other rubbish!

I'm extremely excited about Sapiens.BI. We've been using it for about a month and it's by far the best available reporting tool for SugarCRM. The tool is very robust and full of features. Also, the staff and support team are very helpful and are continuing to improve the tool.

We have bought the latest version of Sapiens.BI and it is a fantastic product for Vtiger CRM. By using this I have stopped our remote users having to send external paperwork. Would recommend Sapiens.BI to any users using Vtiger CRM.